25 Reasons Why I Look Forward To Turning 25

1. I’m not to old for crop tops and high high heels….Hopefully you agree.

2. There’s still time for grad school and Ph.D before 30…applications pending.

3. I don’t have children…who knows in a couple years…maybe.

4. Hopefully the myth about lower auto insurance is true…is it?

5. This is another year to travel…Paris?

6. I can retire at 55…Thank you county job.

7. I am a 90s baby…All That, That’s So Raven, Saturday morning cartoons, we actually went outside and played…should I keep going?

8. I am not the only unmarried friend…Although I am fully prepared to be.

9. I have yet to find a reason not to be excited about turning 25…this was my pause in thought while I was drafting this post.

10. I still have my grandparents….The older I get the more I want to go to them for advice and I’m so lucky to have them around.

11. I’ll be single at 25…sounds like a fun reality show.

12. Paying my student loans isn’t a headache…but it is still a love/hate relationship.

13. I’ve made amends with people that have hurt me….I couldn’t move forward in life holding grudges.

14. I’m doing something I love…From working in public service to blogging, I made it a point to pursue what I love to do.

15. I’ve finally gone through puberty…it wasn’t looking good for a moment.

16. I can still enjoy Disney movies with out having to justify it….you’re never to old for Disney.

17. I’ve recognized, recovered and relapsed from an addiction…Shoes, all I think about is shoes.

18. This could be the year I fall in love….with something other than shoes (I said something and not someone on purpose)

19. I have an amazing group of friends…we all live so far away but love each other no matter what!

20. I am old enough to have had Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram….who knows what else they will come up with.

21. This is another year to add to my bucket list…Front row tickets to Bruno Mars is still in the works!

22. I am not at a dead end job…this is a scary job market and I am so lucky with the my opportunities given to me.

23. I can go shopping for a birthday outfit…duh!

24. I don’t have any regrets….could I have done some things differently, of course but I would have never learned anything the easy way.

25. I made it to 25.

Life will make you smile, laugh, cry, scream, hurt you, and surprise you but there’s nothing greater than sitting back and realizing that you went through all these experiences or rather was fortunate enough to go through all these experiences on each day that was rewarded to you. Cheers to all my April babies and here’s to turning another day. Make a wish! #To25more


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