My 30 Day Skin Detox: Week One

(Left) Now, (Right) Two weeks ago

I have completed my first week of my detox and I have not ran for the hills screaming I quit…yet. There were a couple of bumps along the way…maybe even mountain sized bumps but I still managed through with it. Remember, step one was all about finishing up the junk food. I had my last bag (and a half) of hot fries and my last cherry Coke for a while (I don’t think I could give them up permanently). Also good thing to mention is that all the other junk food in my house I have been bringing to work to leave for other people to take. Candy, rice krispies and other packaged goodies all go into my candy bowl for everyone to take. I am kind of being a bad influence on everyone at work but if everyone only takes one then its okay. Hehe.

20150428_164414 (1)
The last cherry Coke

I truly am seeing a difference in my skin which is the main goal of this detox. I am seeing the redness in my breakouts decrease; my complexion is clearing to one tone; my nails even are seeing better days with this as well. In the picture above you can see the comparison of now and two weeks ago. I want to also add that in the recent one I am not wearing any foundation or concealer. I owe it to the bowl of Special K every morning for helping my nails because I definitely wouldn’t have that much milk otherwise. I have dark spots from my pimples that are fading thanks to the face cream I am using.  I am not pimple free by any means but i don’t think I can avoid the stress breakouts while running between three jobs. Eek.

Getting the junkfood out of the house

This is just a brief look into everything, I have tons of pictures and am working on videos but hey it’s only the first week so you are going to have to stay tuned for more updates. If you are trying it out along with me then stay strong my friend because I definitely know the struggle. I do have videos in the works for my daily make-up routine, my day and night skincare and my detox clay wraps. The fun continues!


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