My 30 Day Skin Detox: A Very Late Week Three Habit Building

My first cup of Joe...Cheat  meal
My first cup of Joe…Cheat meal

So right now I am enjoying my first cup of Joe after a little over a month. Even though this post says week three it is actually past week four. I wanted to back track and still fill you in on some of the things I did for my detox and will continue to do.

One of the things that will definitely not change is my water intake. I will always drink at least half a gallon of water a day, I can’t stress enough how much of a glow I have now even after my long days…And when I say long I mean up at 6 am and not going to bed until 1 or 2 am the next day because of work. So this is a great natural remedy for tired dull skin. I’ve added back my cup of Joe but I’m going to have that in moderation along with soda pop, which I’m finding to be unavoidable. I had Sprite because I went to the movies and of course there is nothing for the health conscious at the snack bar.

You also notice my sweets, the danishes are highly unusual for what I have been having every morning. I usually have my Special K and cinnamon bread but since I forgot to go to the store I don’t have milk or bread right now. But this is something I am going to continue because I always find the Special K on sale at one of the many stores and the cinnamon bread isn’t a terrible price considering its only me that is eating it. I also get different cereal in between the Special K as a treat to myself…I love Reeces Puff. The only thing I have to buy frequently is the milk but other than that it is a very inexpensive breakfast that is fast, and thanks to the bread and milk, very filling.

A typical breakfast
A typical breakfast…4 times out of 5 its Special K

For lunch at work I have been buying the different deli meats from Walmart and keeping that and the condiments and bread at work so I can make it during my lunch hour and I keep chips (No hot chips!) and fruit and carrots. For the rest of the day I am snacking on things like the carrots and trail mixes and other things…Not hot fries unfortunately. 😦

I also added vitamin supplements to my daily habit. I take multi-vitamins, biotin and vitamin B gummies every morning to start my day. I also bought these cleansing detox foot pads off of amazon to use a couple times a week at night. You’ve seen them off of the commercial where you stick them on your foot and after a

Every morning...Take your vitamins
Every morning…Take your vitamins

while you take them off and they are black from all the toxins. To early for my diagnosis on those but stay tuned.

One thing I couldn’t avoid through out this month was my period. It came right in the middle of my detox and made me realize where the root of my skin problems come from. I have terrible break outs when I start my period and as good as this routine has been going for me there is just nothing I can do to minimize the period break outs. So for a while it seemed like all my efforts went to waste but all that is clearing now and to help clear up the scarring that occurs I bought Ambi cream to help with the dark marks and even out my over all skin tone.

I ordered detox teas and other things that have not come in yet so I couldn’t add that to my habit building obviously but I am excited to see how those work out as well. With this habit building, which I briefly mentioned in the first post for my detox, was really to help this detox be successful. Making some lifestyle changes and building a better discipline to small things really made it easier to drink half a gallon a day, or resist the sugar binges. All these things contributed to my skin and once I started cleansing my insides I noticed the change on the outside.

Detox pads for the detox...It looks gross at after :-/
Detox pads for the detox…It looks gross at after :-/

To wrap everything up I will conclude with a post later this week to show my very light make up routine. My routine is just enough to keep my oily skin under control while still keeping my pores cleared and and reduced all at once. After that post still check in as I am adding more and more natural remedies as well as other products to continue with my detox that is switching over to a lifestyle change.


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