10 Beauty Products Under $10 That You Should Try

I am such a frugal person.  I definitely owe my massive collection of, well, everything to the fact that I search for great bargains.  This includes my beauty routine. I know a lot of great products promise shiny, luxurious hair and healthy glowing skin but also cost a pretty penny.  I for one would love to wake up with all those things the commercials promise without any added beauty routine but once I wake up from that dream I start my day with a couple products that I use that won’t break the bank but are effective from starting the day to ending the night.

  1. 20150808_193949_resized  Cream of Nature, Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner, $4. Starting from the roots, my scalp is extremely dry. I do so many treatments and try deep conditioners among many other things and although I haven’t completely cleared it, I have gained a handle on it thanks to this.  Its super easy and convenient or wet or dry hair. And now that I am wearing my protective style, I just spray it on and rub it in around my twist. Just shake it to mix all the ingredients, point and enjoy!
  2. Maybelline, Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, $4.  Talk about 20150808_194005_resizedamaze balls in a tiny little tube. Not only does this thing last forever, being that it is less than one ounce. But it is truly INSTANT. Before I even put on my makeup I use this primer and I see smooth baby skin as if I had a full nights sleep….Which is great since i rarely get even 4 hours of sleep. So this is definitely one for all the busy ladies.
  3. 20150808_194045_resizedSephora, Soothing Cleansing Milk, $7. I found this at Sephora of course when I was looking for eye make up remover and the girl helping me that day said that it was gentle enough to use around the eye area. I looked at other products but went for this one of course because of the price and I couldn’t see Sephora having a line that wasn’t good. So I took the little sample tube that they give you and it did a great job removing my makeup with no irritation. I don’t wear foundation anymore but my heavy make up is eye make up, which is also the hardest to remove. I am able to put it directly on my eyes rub it in and it smears all the liner and mascara off…Did I mention it leaves the skin moisturized.
  4. Maybelline, Great Lash Mascara, $3.79. In the past I haven’t liked the 20150808_194057_resizedMaybelline mascara but this one was a re-vamped version that I do enjoy using. I like a lot of volume and fullness with no clumping and this is what i get from this mascara. Typically I would dish out the money for my mascara but I do have a lot of frugal tendencies and love that is under $5. I don’t get as much fullness from my other mascara brands but this is way more clean and clump free.
  5. 20150808_194139_resizedL’Oreal, Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream, $5.99. This has been my coverage for the past 2 years now after I decided to stop using foundation. It doesn’t offer coverage of blemishes and break outs but it does bring a natural glow and moisturizes. This combined with a little sheer glow gives me a really soft refreshed look for everyday. No highlighting necessary.
  6. Freeman, Avocado & Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask, 20150808_194151_resized$3.27. Hands down the best facial wash, mask, exfoliate, acne treatment and more. I think this has been the longest running product in my medicine cabinet. I cannot go more than two weeks without it. You put this on let it dry, rinse off and immediately see your skin awakened and refreshed. I use it as a spot treatment on my breakouts at night and even mixed it in with other face cleansers. If this products goes away it may be the end of everything for me….It’s that good.
  7. 20150808_194204_resizedFreeman, Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask, $4.29. So what could be better than the Freeman mask you might ask? Well this polishing mask is the answer. I love these two products from the Freeman line but what makes this one a little better is that is serves more purposes. It is so gentle that I use it to remove even my eye make up and have never had any complications with it. I can smooth it on my skin and let it sit a few minutes and then rinse it off. I can also wet my face and rub it on as an exfoliation cleanse too.  There are so many possibilities with this and the other mask, that they are hands down my favorite products on this list.
  8. Organic Root Stimulator, Olive Oil Replenishing Pak, $1.00. Who doesn’t like a good20150808_194218_resized deep conditioner. I struggle so much with dry scalp and trying to keep my thick hair moisturizer that I am always looking for different products to help. This product from Organic Root Stimulator comes in these fun convenient packs for a dollar and you get two to three uses out of each pack. I use a pack during every wash, again I struggle with dry scalp. I put it on my dry hair and usually let it sit over night then I wash my hair and put it on again and sit around with the shower cap or under the dryer. Soft and shiny hair that lasts and I see the flaking diminish.
  9. 20150808_194237_resizedEquate (Walmart Brand), Baby Oil, $1.00. This isn’t some cutting edge new beauty product. This is going back to being the little baby that you were and using a product that’s gentle and great for all over. I had to add this to the list because I think that even with our daily lotion we look for things like how does it smell? Will it help my dry skin? Will it be gentle to my sensitive skin? This is your answer for all of that. And it’s super simple. Shower, rub on in shower, pat dry and go. Silky smooth skin for $1.00. Can’t beat that.
  10. Hard Candy, Sheer glow Illuminator, $8.00. This is the product20150808_194256_resized that I mix with my BB Cream before applying. You only need a small amount of both then I rub it in like a moisturizer and pat on a little bit of pressed powder so it’s not too shiny looking. This is really great for a natural look like I do for a little glow but I’ve also tried it out as a high lighter and mixed in to foundation for a full coverage glowing skin look. It comes in handy when my skin is doing really bad and I just need a little help looking awake and alert when I’m really just ready to pass out and sleep for 20 hours. This is the busy girls go to product.

I have tons of products that I want to recommend. These are just a few and since I love a deal I thought I’d share with you some that inexpensive and for all your daily beauty needs.