Shopping 101: What To Gift Her This Season

The holidays are upon us. Yay!! My fellow shopaholics and I love this time of the year because this is our biggest excuse to go shopping. Now if you are an expert level shopper, like me…yes I’m bragging, then you have finished all of your shopping and now am silently tormenting your mom as she tries to figure out what she has under the Christmas tree. Or maybe that’s just me, hehe. So now that your shopping is done this is where you turn your screen for the loved ones to read on and get ideas.  You may think we have it all since we shop all the time but honestly, we don’t. And being a shopaholic it is actually really sweet when a person gets me something other than a gift card. It takes little effort to go and grab a gift card and fill it up and give it to your shopaholic. But I get it, she’s the shopper and you aren’t. So I want to give you guys, parents, loved ones or friends, including mine, help with what to get your shopaholic for this holiday season.

  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera ($69.95) This fun new take on the polaroid camera that died in the beginning of my generation is that perfect gift for your shopaholic. This is the digital age but one thing you can count on is the need for memories. Instantly print out that fabulous selfie or keep a pic of your outfit of the day, this will be one of her favorites.
  2. Fitbit Charge ($89.99) This is a gift for all of our shopaholics wanting to get a jump start on their New Years Resolutions. Its easier to say take more steps in a day than to say go to the gym 3 times a week. Help her set those attainable goals.
  3. Gift Certificate, Not Gift Card ($-$$$) Again the gift card is so easy and takes little thought. So if you really don’t know what to get her as far as a gift under the tree then think bigger. Where is her favorite place to eat? Make her next mani and pedi your treat. Give her a certificate to a nice salon for highlights or a trip to the spa for a massage. This shows more thought and is something she will remember.
  4. Concerts or Play Tickets ($$-$$$) These take a lot of thought and bring even more memories. Adele just announced her U.S. tour right on the rim of Christmas and who doesn’t love Adele. If you are Southern California native then you know Disneyland is a favorite for all ages. There are many great people, plays and events in 2016 and these would be great gifts for her.
  5. Lush  ($-$$) If you have not yet discovered this store then this is definitely what she needs this year for Christmas. Bath bombs, shower gels and face cleansers fill this store and your senses as you walk in. Handmade brands with natural products and so much more to give her that relaxing Saturday afternoon or Sunday night right before she starts off her work week.

These are just a few ideas, most under $100, to get for her this holiday season. This is definitely things I would love and some were a little vague but they are a test on you to see how much you know your mom, friend, sister, cousin, best friend, or daughter. Time to get shopping. Happy holidays!!


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