7 Days of Healthy Skin

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about a blemish around your chin or a huge pimple on your nose ever again? Well unfortunately in the real world those things can surprise us and pop up over night. There are ways to minimize these break outs but as women we have different factors that just don’t allow us to be completely break out free. I focus a lot on skin care because I have slowly been giving up on make up over the years. I completely stopped wearing foundation and have been trickling down to the point that full coverage for me is wearing BB and shimmer cream mixed together.

Any new routine I’m starting I want to gradually piece together so I don’t feel overwhelmed or think I won’t have enough time to do. Which brings in the 7 days for healthy skin. Each day is tagged for a step to help you remember the entire routine. This is what you will end up doing weekly, and most daily, as a regimen. Lets get into those steps.

#ServiceSunday – For most people Sundays are when you prep. This is when you are getting ready to start back into your work or school week. If you are like me then this is your “Get it together” day. I clean, do laundry and figure out my schedule for the week.  So it only makes sense to service your skin while running around the house. Start by deep cleaning your face when you first get up either with an exfoliating cream wash (better for not drying out your skin) or if you have a cleansing brush you can use it with a gentle foaming cleanser. After deep cleaning your face apply a face mask. Two favorites of mine are the Freeman brand avocado mask or the charcoal mask. While this dries you can clean the bathroom or start the laundry and rinse off later. This is a quick way to get well rested, brighter skin for the week even if you didn’t get a full nights sleep.

#MoistureMonday – Even though this says Monday this is something you should be doing everyday twice a day. For your work or school week you definitely want to get in the routine of moisturizing to help fight the impurities and elements we deal with daily when leaving the house. I don’t think it takes an $80 face cream to do the job but I will say definitely find a daily cream and a night cream with SPF and age defying factors. I use the Olay Classic brand that runs $10.99 or less.

#ThirstyTuesday – Not the way that your are thinking at all (that’s on Thursday). This is all about hydrating from the inside. Make sure you are including lots of water DAILY! Not only for your skin but for your body over all. Also try to add in fruit and veggie smoothies for an added boost. You can combine different fruits in the blender that can help with skin care. I also like to add my Biotin pill and other daily supplements into my smoothie for those who have difficulty taking pills.

#WellnessWednesday – This is the point where you want to look at your routine and make sure that you have been sticking to it. The week is mid way over and by now you should have created a way to make these steps work for you and your schedule. Have you been using a light cleanser daily and moisturizing twice a day? Have you been drinking your water, at least 8 cups or more? Use the middle of the week to go over your routine and re-vamping it if need by.

#TherapyThursday – That part of the week where you rolled down the hill from Wednesday but its not quite Friday yet. Use this day to refresh your skin with a heavier cleanser such an exfoliating scrub. You don’t want to use a scrub everyday so I recommend this once a week while you save the exfoliating cream which is way softer on the skin for Sunday. Scrubs tend to dry out your face while cream based cleansers leave the skin feeling soft. Help rejuvenate the skin with the scrub on Thursday. This is also the day you DON’T want to forget to moisture when using the scrub.

#FreeFriday – You’re ending the week better known as casual Friday. Try to take this phrase and apply it to your skin. If you usually wear full coverage, try to minimize that look on Friday. Go with out make up, except maybe some mascara and a little bit of liner or just lip stick.  How ever you manage this just try to make it the day where you do the least amount to your face.

#SalvageSaturday -Look at your skin through out the week. Have you had break outs? Were you spot treating them as they appeared? Do you have discoloration? Have you tried using such creams as Ambi to correct it? This step in your routine is going to be about repairing the issues you already have with your skin. These are more genetic based where you probably dealt with these issues for years now (depending on your age). So take this as the step where you look into treating the problems you have been having with your skin on top of having a regular routine.  Having discoloration or acne doesn’t mean flawless skin isn’t possible, you just will have to salvage it, or in better terms, rescue your skin!

So this may seem like a lot of complicated steps but really it is just daily reminders of what you should be doing in your skin care routine. Just remember to do gentle daily cleansers, moisturize twice a day, drinks lots of water and take special care to those blemishes and breakouts when they occur.




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