Elle’s Diary: Learning To Invest In Yourself

Since the new year always brings new goals and statements of improvement, I always like to look on my timeline and see what people want for themselves in the new year. Now going into the 3rd month of the 2016 year I wonder how far along are you with your goals?

I decided this time around to have a very broad statement for my resolution…To invest more into myself.  I had to keep it broad because that was the best way to sum up everything I have going on. When I say I wanted to invest in me, I meant I wanted to do more that would make me happy. And making me happy is anything from keeping my bills paid up, buying shoes, keeping money in my savings account and traveling. But its much more than that. It was about me actually having the courage to just do it all.

I always see a lot of people saying “I can’t do this because of that” or “I can’t do that because of this”. But how long are you willing to make those excuses at the risk of your own happiness? Why not slowly change those statements so that it leads to doing whatever it is you want to do.  Then after a few months, or however long it takes, just do it. If you’ve been thinking about going back to school then go. If you’ve been thinking of a business plan then present it. If you really want to buy a house then look into the steps and financial plan it takes to do that. Doubt is scary and may be the one thing that’s holding you back the most.

I wanted to travel outside the U.S. so I am. I wanted to be consistent in not only putting money into my saving account but keeping it there, so I do.  I wanted to open an additional checking account to put money in for any of my guilty pleasures whether it be shoes, or a concert or a night out with friends, so I did.

When I stopped saying “I can’t because” then I slowly started saying “I can’t right now because”. But this still wasn’t enough. There was nothing and nobody holding me back from all of this, except me. Now I understand that this is not the goals that everyone has in mind. My situation is that I am not married and don’t have any children and I work full time and part time. I do know that this situation allows me to have more freedom financially than a lot of other people. Some of you might have a family or a different financial situation but my point is, don’t let it be a deterrent from living life to the fullest.

Our dreams and goals are different but what we have in common is that we all have them. We all want to achieve and make it to a higher level in life than we were at yesterday. So what are you going to do about it? Like everything else in life this isn’t an easy journey, this might actually be the hardest journey because it does take being a little selfish to accomplish and will take a lot of time, dedication and even money. I always heard growing up that you can’t expect to love and take care of others if you don’t learn to love and care for yourself first.


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