The Destruction of Social Matters by One Dress

We are in an age of turmoil. We have reached the point where we are so lost that even our presidential candidates  have forgotten it was a political race and are more focused on bashing one another. But let’s not stray too far from what is important at hand. What this is about is the continuous social inequality based on race, sexual orientation, social economic status and more. When there is a mass shooting or a string of individual shootings done on a specific minority where is our outlet for speech. In a time of crisis we either look for a leader or an outlet.

Too many times I’ve seen an outlet being formed and successfully shared while leaders trying to lead peaceful demonstrations are being followed by too few. Now even our peaceful demonstrations are being disrupted by unexplainable tragedies. While these protests are shut down it makes way for apps and games and the newest mysterious picture to build it’s popularity off of.

But what can you take from all this?? Whether or not a dress is one color or another. How you can spot imaginary animals on your phone screen by checking into a location. As a black woman I am insulted by it all. As much as I want a positive distraction from the endless sadness I am seeing on the television, remaining ignorant to it all is not the answer. It is hard for me to fall into these fads when I have a father, 7 uncles, 3 brothers, a nephew and countless other family members who could easily have been the victim in the routine traffic stop or the one selling CDs on the side of a small convenient store.

The only “distraction” I have is to be prepared on the day I decide to have a child and what speech I will have to prep for. To my little boy I will have to inform him that he for whatever reason may be seen as intimidating if he walks around with his hood on for too long. To my little girl I will have to instill in her that education is the most amazing beauty she will ever possess. To either child that they are free to love whom ever they want to love while never having to answer to anyone for their choices or sexual orientation. That it is not important to go to school with the latest trends, rather go to school and focus on the material and gain knowledge that no one can ever take from you.

So I am sorry I am not sorry for calling out social media and applications on these distractions. My frustration stems from the fact that news time lines will share the details of the arrest of protesters in Baton Rouge while also sharing right below it a story of a non talented reality TV show family and their latest publicity stunts. Today I choose not to get into a debate on which lives matter because ALL life is precious. Today I am choosing not to use social media as a distraction but as a platform for those who are trying to make a difference. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s just ignorant. Choose to know.