Things To Consider Doing While Under 30 and Single.

At 28, I realized I still have my whole life ahead of me.  For some reason I had been feeling like I wasn’t where I should be in life.  Then I realized I was basing that off of other people and their accomplishments.  Owning a home, having kids, getting married, all seemed to be happening around me. But the more I talked to everyone in these situations they told me the same thing, you have time…or don’t do it, haha but that’s another story.  Time moves with or with out us so what are you doing with it? Are you setting goals for yourself, long or short term? While I try to convince myself not to become the scary cat lady pre-maturely, there’s a couple of things I say do before you turn 30.

Travel: I don’t know what to say other than, what are you waiting for? This may be harder if you have a family already, but it’s not impossible. If you don’t have a partner and don’t have children then book that flight tonight.  Okay, maybe not that quickly but when I started to travel I found a whole new love that I continue to yearn for.  The adrenaline you feel when you land in a foreign place and the curiosity that scrambles your brain trying to figure out what to do first has become the best feeling in the world to me. If this isn’t something you can do by 30 then do it in your lifetime, even if it’s only once.  I read somewhere that the worse thing we can do is deny ourselves an adventure, so become adventurous.

Going back to school: This has been heavy on my mind now and starting the process has been nerve wrecking.  Whether it’s advancing in your career, continuing on a graduate program or finishing something you started a while ago, I think that while you’re under 30 and have the time then go for it.  I’m fully in a phase to invest in yourself and education is one of the best ways to do so.  As much as I’m going to hate myself for the long nights becoming longer-er, going back to school and getting my graduates will help me reach those many goals I have in my career.  No one can take away from you the knowledge you gain.

Building your credit: This one is a little over the top even for me.  I early on started to think about my credit and how to build it.  My parents got credit cards after I did and my mom has never brought or leased her own car soooo figuring out credit scores was a learning experience we had together. If you have bigger purchase goals in the future than trust me, like most of us you need to start building a line of credit.  Speaking from experience, the sooner you think about building your credit and what can affect it, buying a home or any big purchase can be easier.

Dating Online: Unfortunately we’ve come to the era of the internet and there’s no going back.  Most of us stay connected daily by our social media.  Even if you meet someone in person at a concert, the gym or grocery store it never fails that the question “what’s your Snapchat” or something similar will come up.  So, instead of fighting it, give in.  You’re young, single and can now search for a date from the comfort of your couch in your pajamas.  Don’t completely give up all regular social interactions but take advantage of social media to mingle and get out of your comfort zone.

Feed into your impulses: Only the positives ones.  This is simple, I feel like if you are single, have no kids, then buy the shoes. Period. Okay, so what I mean by this is take advantage of that freedom you have to splurge, to move to another state and just do what you want.  This really could be that time to do it because later on it’s not going to be just you.  Later on you have to think about how it affects the family.  For me, getting this out of your system makes it easier to make those sacrifices for your family and children with no regrets.

Save and budget now: Yes, I purposely put this after impulses.  Again this is easier to do as a single person.  You can opt to live with a roommate to split the cost of rent. I personally opt to stay with my parents because I’m a single woman with no life haha…only half true.  But this helps keep my cost of living down and paying a portion of rent instead of the full amount on my own. I also try to put aside money into my savings and emergency fund at the maximum I can allow each paycheck.  Realistically, know that sometimes that cannot happen but the practice will be beneficial later on in life when you have discipline.  I have a budgeting app on my phone as well as an Excel spreadsheet with a layout of my bills. This is how I’ve managed to travel, splurge and put aside money while still taking care of my responsibilities.

Fall in love: This can be found in so many different forms. Whether it’s with someone else, your job or yourself find that unconditional love.  For some people falling in love may be after you turn 30.  For others maybe you fell in love and it didn’t last.  What we all should try at this point of our lives is try to find that self love.  Get to know what that deep connection feels like and reciprocating it to the world only spreads more love and you’ll be able to know how you want others to love you.

Of course I’m going through life just like everyone else so I am by no means an expert. But, I hope all my young, single people are seriously taking into account that you’re in a great time in your life.  In the middle of being young and thriving remember to move at your own pace and take advantage of the possibilities.