Outfit Of The Day: Venomous Steps


Well whoever thought gray and gold don’t mix, didn’t see this outfit coming. This is actually my outfit from yesterday, but of course I couldn’t get it uploaded in time but I feel like this still works. Right? Okay. I bought these items online around the same time with no intention of wearing them together but once I laid everything out I had to do this combination. The shoes are from Shoedazzle.com ($39.95), of course where I always look, and they are to die for! The style, the color and lets not forget the snakes wrapping up the heel, there’s no wonder why they are sold out now. I typically will hold off on the full priced items, yes I am cheap, or use my free credit to buy the full priced items but I knew these wouldn’t last in my size. Even with all that they have going on they are some of the most comfortable shoes I own.

Moving on before I turn into a commercial for Shoedazzle, my gray jumpsuit ($20.99) is from Charlotterusse.com and I caught one of the sales and grabbed quite a bit that day…and days after. I can usually find inexpensive jumpsuits from their site and this one was a little higher than what I usually find but I loved it and everything else I got was really inexpensive so I splurged with this item. I wore this combo at work, and I do work in a very professional setting but everyone knows me for doing the non-traditional business attire. All I had to do was safety pin the front of the jumpsuit and throw on a blazer over it and I was good to go. I went with a gray blazer to keep the look toned down for work and the only other yellow I wore was the necklace. This is by far one of my favorite outfits and it is perfect for a day to night look. From the office to happy hour bold statement outfit. Elle Styles.

**Download the Charlotterusse app on your phone and you get free standard shipping on all orders through the app, no min.**


OutFit Of The Day: The $40 Bombshell

P1030031The joy that is the peplum top.  It is the fashionista’s dream.  Whether you are plus size or petite, the peplum is just that perfect top for the illusion of the hour glass figure.  I got this leopard print peplum on my last trip to Ross.  I grabbed a few peplum tops that day and at Ross they were for an amazing price.  This top was $10.99 full price and all the other tops were around this same price…no clearance rack needed.     The shoes are from Charlotterusse, online, and they have this classic Marilyn Monroe days feel, but you are seeing this style everywhere now.  These shoes are elegant and edgy with the double strap and the gold plate across the toes for only $14.99.  For my bottoms I wore black pants from a local store here in San Diego called “M’s” store; everything in the store is $10.  I added a dark green blazer to make it nine to five appropriate and if needed, I could have ditched the blazer and had happy hour down town.  Add a little tax for the purchase effect and that makes for a $40 bombshell…who said you have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks.  Creating bombshells at any budget, all on your dime with Elle Woods.




Outfit Of The Day: Breaking Rules In White

whiteblazerSo this is a late outfit of the day but I’m breaking rules all over the place so why not. So the legend is you can’t wear white after labor day, but where did it come from? There are tons of myths and allegations to explain this one fashion don’t but I say break the rules and wear it all year round. Now I have to admit I had the white blazer for a while and was scared to wear it because I might ruin it some way or the other. Fortunately for me whenever I go shopping I can picture my closet and when I found the blue blouse the other day I knew I had something for the blazer.

White Blazer: Forever21, paid $25.00
Blue Blouse: Q store, paid $9.99
Black Pants: Forever21, paid $8.80
Black Over-the-Knee Boots: Shoedazzle, Orig. $34.99, paid $9.99

A Week Of Outfits: Friday’s Outfit

photo (12)
This was hands down my favorite outfit of the week. The colors, the high-waisted pants and the warmest day of the week just made for the best combination. I think I am so much better at dressing for hot weather or cold weather. I hate those in between days when you might have to start with a jacket and it warms up but not enough to take off the jacket. We get a lot of that weather here in Colorado so when it was actually going to be warm enough for the jacket to come off I was excited to put this outfit together. Of course my poor little toes were freezing that morning but when it warmed up, it made it worth it.
High Waisted Teal Jeans, Charlotterusse, Paid Either $12 or $15
Cropped White Top, Wetseal, Orig. $8.99, Paid $3.49
Blush Blazer, M’s, Orig. $36.99, Paid $12

A Week of Outifts: Thursday’s Outfit

photo (10)
I mentioned before that the weather is so ridiculous out here in Colorado that my outfits ranged drastically. So by Thursday the weather went from 48 degrees to 75. I decided to enjoy the weather and show some skin. I had these really fun floral pants that I picked up from Arden B over Christmas break. I couldn’t wait to wear them and now three months later i had the chance lol. My only change for next time is that I don’t think I will wear much color with them. I chose orange to bring out the two toned flowers but I think next time I am only going to wear white and only a color on the sandal.

Floral Print Jeans, Arden B, Orig. $36.99, Paid $7
Floral Print Flats, Mervins, Orig. $19.99, Paid $10
Orange Blazer, Charlotterusse, Orig. $28.99, Paid $16.99
Orange Crop Top, Ross, Orig. $12.99, Paid $4.98

A Week Of Outfits: Tuesday’s Outfit

photo (9)
Im posting my outfits from last week, and what you will realize is that this weather in Colorado is so crazy. You will see me go from boots to flats to sandals all in on week. I did not take a photo for each day…I know I know, Im sorry, my schedule can get pretty hectic and I trying to get better at taking my outfit of the day pictures. So this was Tuesday outfit and it was supposed to snow or rain, depending on which weather station you decided to look at, either way it was chilly and I ended up with this nice combination of colors and fabrics, and my boots that I hadn’t worn for a few seasons now, but are very much in season.

Boots, Shiekshoes.com, Orig. $30.00, Paid $19.99
Blue Jean Vest, Rainbow, Orig. $26.99, Paid $15
Maroon Jeans, Wetseal.com, Orig. $25.00, Paid $12.99
Cropped Sweater, Wetseal.com, Orig. $18.99, Paid $7.99

Outfit Of The Day: Pretty In A Touch Of Pink

ootdI think the one thing I love about having your own style is that you can be unorthodox. You can like things that are in season or trending but you can that that piece and make it your own. I am really liking some of these wedge sneakers that have been coming out and I purchased some from a new store that I am in love with now. I am always looking for new websites to shop on and I have a list that will be in review this coming weekend for you all. But back to my outfit. So I purchased some blush colored wedges and when I go them I didnt know what to wear with them. They are this really awkward color and I didnt think I would be able to pull them off. But I had these really fun pants and an oversized cropped sweater that I thought looked really adorable with it. I threw on a scarf last minute that had all the colors of the outfit in it and a large pink purse and walked out the door. Rock it according to your style.

Blush Wedge Sneakers, UrbanOG.com (Orig. $33.40, paid $28.00)
Shimmer Brown Pants, Wetseal.com (Orig. $24.90, paid $9.90)
Oversized Cropped Sweater, Wetseal.com (Orig. $18.99, paid $7.60)

Pinky and the Brain: A Fashionista’s Journey

I could say that I came out wearing Chanel and that my first words were Fendi, but thats not true. I could say that I have had a pretty glamorous life filled with huge closets and a fashionista mother that showed me all the ropes. But, thats not true either.  Truth is, I lived a pretty simple life, and was even considered a tom boy for a large portion of my childhood.  Not by choice but the fashion world costs for expressing yourself.  That and other circumstances in high school led me to work three odd jobs and it still didn’t seem like enough.  I envied the girls who constantly changed their hair and wore the new styles.  I looked in awe at the guys who wore and bragged about the new jordans, the day after they came out.  People wait in line, spend countless amounts of money, and work countless hours all in the name of fashion…But what about style?  My spending reached an all time low when I was choosing between eating and a new pair of shoes.  Thats when I knew I had a problem.  I thought I had to keep up with the latest craze, instead of expressing myself, which cost nothing at all.  Going away to college work hours were fugal and school loads were high, so the money wasnt coming in as much as it use to.  I became better at bargaining.  I started to learn, when to shop.  I started to learn where to look and who offered it for the best.  Eventually my closet became overrun with deals and perks and even free items claimed from building points.  In the middle of this something happened.  I was shopping with a vision.  I was looking for certain material. I wanted a specific design.  As if I could create the outfit myself, I was shopping for myself.  There was a genuine love there, in creating an outfit, in seeing what someone had created and in finding what I could mix together. I hope you find that love through my blog as well, I hope you follow along with me and Pinky, my laptop, as we continue on, through stores, boutiques, and shops, finding trendy and affordable pieces that express individuality.

Outfit of the Day: Simple and Shiek

outfitThe friday before finals weeks and the day after college night at the bar (hehe), leaves me tired yet still fashionable.  Lots of black and brown despite the warm weather.  Stretchy black ponte pants and stretchy blazer with a loose fitting black top gives me this relaxed look, and topped with a messy bun and statement jewelry, you can still get a second glance, or three.  Happy Friday Fashionistas and Fly guys.

Black and brown stripped blazer (love culture, $23.66)

Black ponte pants (love culture, $17.90)

Brown boots (amiclubwear.com, $15.00)

Outfit of the Day: Warm Winter Days Brings Minis and Stockings

We have had abnormally warm days here in Colorado, so I brought out my skirt and half shirt.  Now I know what you must be thinking, “where is she going in that”, but let me explain, I am more covered than you think.  My skirt is a high-waisted flare skirt and I added a black belt to close that gap of skin showing between the skirt and shirt.  Then I added stockings with tiny oval prints to keep with the unque design of the skirt.  And to complete the outfit I added a black blazer and boots.  Summer feel in the winter time.

Yellow half shirt (forever21, $5)

Floral blossom skater skirt (charlotterusse, orig. $14.99, paid $7.50)

*Entire outfit posted later*